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Dirty420 was created when our group of friends discovered the marijuana universe and we could not find specialized info & accessories to meet our needs. In Dirty420 we handpick quality products that will quickly become your Bud Buddy. Carry our products with you everywhere and we will be the Bud Buddy you ever had. In our “420 Planet” blog you can find apprentice’s guides, the story of cannabis through the ages and the top stories contributed by you! You got questions and we have the answers! “How can I hide my stash? Carry it safely? Enjoy it outdoors whether it is a taboo or not? Let’s celebrate 4/20 with everything a smoker’s needs right here in one convenient site, made by smokers for smokers. Here in Dirty420 we focus not only in enhancing your marijuana experience but also providing info on how to use marijuana. Follow our “420 Planet” to keep up with the latest on legalization/decriminalization, educate yourself on the effects and purpose of different blunts, strains, as well as the most effective ways to use them. Cannabis is becoming more and more popular around the world among all age groups. At dirty420 we are here to provide you with anything from essentials, peripherals to information you might need.

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